#52 Ryan Latham with Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc and Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc- Army Soldier Becomes Company President

Ryan Latham, the President of Aerospace Welding, grew up in Virginia Beach, part of a large church-going family, played basketball in college on scholarship, majored in economics, became a high school teacher (hated it), joined the Army, became an officer, started working as a team lead in manufacturing, promoted to manager at Pratt and Whitney,…More

#51 Jessie Otto with Brush Masters- People Trump Profit

Jessie M. Otto, the President, of Brush Masters and Painterati takes us on a journey of her childhood, past careers, working in the family business, and eventually becoming president. Jessie did a great job articulating how people, not profit, are the most important thing to her. Whether it’s clients, partners, vendors, employees, or her own…More

#50 Ben Hagemann- American Pressure Inc- Cleanest Business Around

American Pressure Inc, began in 1976 by Dave and Marlene Speltz, was later sold to Gary and Becky Hagemann in 1996, and then sold to their two sons Ben and Josiah, in 2015. American Pressure is the expert source for rugged, industrial, pressure washer equipment and Artic Steamer ice dam solutions. Whether you need a small pressure…More

#46 Leah Steidl with By the Yard Inc.- Giving Back

By the Yard Inc. was started by Debbie and Roger back in 1995 with the goal of being able to more generously give back to the community. Debbie saw a need in the marketplace for better / higher-quality outdoor furniture, Roger had some experience in manufacturing so off they went. Listen to this episode as Leah Steidl,…More


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