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Listen to the personal stories of some of the most successful construction and manufacturing businesses in MN.  Get a behind-the-scenes look into their operations and learn what it takes to operate a successful business in today’s marketplace.  Sprinkled in are interviews with other professionals, providing expert advice with a specific focus on construction and manufacturing: associations, attorneys, HR, marketing/advertising, risk managers, bankers, underwriters, and so on.  Our goal is to help MN contractors and manufacturers thrive!  To be a guest on the show you can click the link below to apply! 

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#90 Josh Allison with Light Duty Pathway- 70% Reduction in Work Comp Claims Minnesota Made Podcast

Light Duty Pathway® creates a positive impact by providing turnkey modified job duty options which reduce worker’s compensation costs by keeping employees engaged in the workplace. You will effortlessly start helping employees quickly improve safety behavior and choices.
  1. #90 Josh Allison with Light Duty Pathway- 70% Reduction in Work Comp Claims
  2. #89 Atkinson Gerber- THE Work Comp Lawyers
  3. # 88 Bill Campion & Reed Moormeier with W.A. Campion Co.- More Than An Accounting Firm
  4. #87 Daniel Stensgaard with Daniel's Custom Clothing- Look Good, Do Good
  5. #86 Ed Arens with E&M Outdoor Services- Lawn Care Meets Excellence

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