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Listen to the personal stories of some of the most successful construction and manufacturing businesses in MN.  Get a behind-the-scenes look into their operations and learn what it takes to operate a successful business in today’s marketplace.  Sprinkled in are interviews with other professionals, providing expert advice with a specific focus on construction and manufacturing: associations, attorneys, HR, marketing/advertising, risk managers, bankers, underwriters, and so on.  Our goal is to help MN contractors and manufacturers thrive!  To be a guest on the show you can click the link below to apply! 

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#87 Daniel Stensgaard with Daniel's Custom Clothing- Look Good, Do Good Minnesota Made Podcast

Daniel will make custom clothes buying fun and easy with a result that is, well…You will have to see for yourself. Exceptional taste level that helps translate beautiful fabrics for your individualized needs.
  1. #87 Daniel Stensgaard with Daniel's Custom Clothing- Look Good, Do Good
  2. #86 Ed Arens with E&M Outdoor Services- Lawn Care Meets Excellence
  3. #85 Matthew Bialick with MJB Law Firm, PLLC- Overachiever Becomes Attorney
  4. #84 Chase Marshall & Rick Barger with Suburban Manufacturing Group- The Hydraulic and Pneumatic Experts
  5. #83 Karl von Knobelsdorff & Jason Thompson with Knobelsdorff Enterprises- Getting Shit Done

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