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The mission of our Podcast is to highlight those Minnesotans who are the “movers-n-shakers”.  The local business leaders, the special athletes, and those who have done something significant. We want to hear your story because we find you interesting!  To be a guest on the show you can apply below! 

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#28 Gary Kraemer with John Kraemer and Sons- Builder of "Sweet Ass Homes" Minnesota Made Podcast

Gary contributes his success to treating people right. All people, not only his clients but also the subs, vendors, and everyone else in between. It’s a 3rd generation business started by Gary and this father John back in 1978, but building decks and whatever else they could find to stay busy. Today, Gary and this two sons, John and Jeff, are building some of the most beautiful custom homes in the state of Minnesota. John Kraemer and Sons have received many awards, including four-time winner of the Housing First MN ‘Builder of the Year' award. Check them out at http://www.JKandSons.com
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